Columbine Vineyards Touts Grape Inspiration and Versatility with CoVi Kitchen

DELANO, CA – With the autumn colors on the way, consumers will need to freshen up their recipe books with more healthy, tasty options. As the weather cools and the kitchen becomes the place to be, see What’s in Store for Columbine Vineyards and our creative CoVi Kitchen.

At Columbine Vineyards, we’re ecstatic about the “foodie” culture rising out of social media as creative, beautiful ways to prepare meals push grapes into the spotlight. To showcase their versatility, we’ve created an easy, interactive destination for anyone looking for a new, healthy, delicious way to use this vine-grown gem.

From breakfast to dessert, you and your customers can find a wide array of inspiration when visiting CoVi Kitchen. Browse numerous ideas broken down into simple, easy-to-prepare steps that will elevate your grape offerings. In-house favorites include delicious lamb chops flavored with rosemary and CoVi grapes to finish, as well as the crumbly, not-so-guilty pleasures of Apple Mini pies with our proprietary Milano® grapes.

Milanos are the perfect autumn grape to incorporate from back-to-school to Halloween. Available early September through mid-October, these extra large green gems deliver a clean, crisp flavor with a crunch that makes for a delicious flavor profile to cook with or snack on. Packaged in an eye-catching high-graphic stand up bag and a 3lb clamshell, these are the epitome of retail ease and versatility, not to mention attention-getters on the shelf.

Don’t worry Holiday® Grape lovers! Having kicked off early September, these are available now for all your grape needs.

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