An explosion of limited edition grape varieties the key for sales

The explosion of grape varieties has been and continues to be one of the top stories coming out of the California grape deal. Gone are the days when just a few public varieties dominate and virtually every grower and shipper has them. Growers and retailers alike are looking for limited edition varieties and Columbine Vineyards in Delano, CA, is Continue Reading

Fish Friendly Farming Environmental Certification

Columbine Vineyards is the First Farm in Kern County to receive the Fish Friendly Farming Environmental Certification Columbine Vineyards, a family‐owned table grape operation in Delano, CA., has received the Fish Friendly Farming (FFF) Environmental Certification. The FFF certification is issued to farm and range properties that are Continue Reading

Columbine Vineyards Creates Elementary School Custom Education Program

DELANO, CA – To bring California table grapes even further to the forefront of future generations, Columbine® Vineyards has announced a new, customized education program for elementary students, flush with interactive presentations and materials. “The education program is first targeting the Delano School District where Columbine® Vineyards is Continue Reading

Columbine Vineyards Continues Commitment to Columbine Cares Program

DELANO, CA - Throughout its more than 90 years of shipping grapes out of Delano, California, it's been no secret that Columbine Vineyards cares deeply about its local community. Throughout this year, President and CEO, Martin Caratan, and his staff have been hard at work to support Delano’s thriving ag-focused community, working with Delano Joint Continue Reading