All Grape Varieties

No matter which of the 11 grapes you prefer, all are produced with three generations’ worth of investment in training, nurture and professional cultivation of the most vigorous vines available today.

Red Grapes

Crimson Seedless
Firm, crisp berries and sweet-tart, almost spicy flavor.

Flame Seedless
Noted for crunchy texture and tart-sweet flavor.

Holiday ® Seedless
Large bright red shiny berries with a sweet, juicy flavor.

Majestic Seedless
Large red berries with a mildly sweet flavor.

Red Globe
Very large, sweet berries with seeds.

Scarlet Royal
Large/Extra Large red seedless, firm elongated berry with great flavor, late season.

Black Grapes

Autumn Royal
Black, sweet berries that are thin-skinned and firm.

Black Globe ®
Extra-large, plump seeded berries with a sweet, crunchy finish.

Fantasy Seedless
Thin-skinned, firm blue-black berries with sweet flavor.

Summer Royal
Large, round black seedless with very sweet flavor.

Green Grapes

Light green, tender-skinned berries with sweet flavor.

Large/Extra Large green seedless, round-elongated berries with sweet flavor.

Autumn King
Late season, green seedless with large/extra large berries, oval-elongated shape with sweet crunchy berry.