CoVi Halloween Treats
  1. Grape-enstein Cups: Fill Plastic cup less than halfway with Green Grapes Add 2 Marshmallows for eyes Fill with more green grapes Take sharpie and get creative!
  2. Grape Caramel Delights: Green Grape Dip in caramel sauce Dip in crushed peanuts
  3. Grape Spiders: Split toothpick in half Thread on three raisins Poke into grape to create legs
  4. Sour Candy Grapes: Dip grape into water Roll in Jello Mix Ta-Da!
  5. Grape Monsters: Take Grape and place a dot of frosting anywhere you like Add sugary eye on top of frosting!
  6. Grape Pumpkins: Slice an orange and empty out center. Carve our eyes and mouth Fill with CoVi Grapes
  7. Grape Bark: Melt white chocolate Pour onto baking sheet Add Sour Grape CoVi Candy Add pretzels Add Mini M & Mi’s Add Halloween Sprinkles Refrigerate for 20 minutes to harden Break apart and EAT!