8 Easy DIY Gifts for the Holidays

This holiday season, many of us will gather close and find connection in-person again. But when it comes to gifts for the season, finding everything on your loved ones’ wish lists might not be as easy.

Don’t sweat it if certain items are out of stock — the good stuff is always worth the wait, as fans of Holiday® grapes are reminded of year after year. Instead, consider giving more DIY gifts – sure to be just as heartfelt, and more sustainable for the planet. In the spirit of Columbine® Vineyards’ legacy of giving back and uplifting their community, we are sharing eight simple gift ideas so you can do the same.

1. Sweet treats

Is there anything more classic than a tin filled with homemade cookies or candy for the holidays? Gift friends and neighbors a family favorite, along with the recipe if you’re willing to part with it.

Scour thrift stores for tins and containers, then fill with your signature treat for a one-of-a-kind gift. Not a baker? Opt for something simple (and healthy) like homemade granola or trail mix!

2. Grazing boxes and boards

We can’t get enough of charcuterie boards this time of year, especially since Holiday grapes are in season a while longer. But why save all the fun for parties? Share portable “grazing boxes” with friends, teachers and other special people in your life to elevate snacktime or deliver an instant date night. These make a beautiful and thoughtful gift.

Start with either a Holiday Grapes Plant-Based Party Plate or a Cheese Board, but instead of filling a board, you’ll arrange the items in boxes with lids or reusable containers. Use cupcake papers or small ramekins to keep items separate. (Put crackers and bread in a sealed bag.) Deliver immediately, with instructions on how to store since they contain perishable items.

3. Homemade tea blends

There’s nothing cozier than a mug of hot tea on a cold day. For the tea lovers in your life, blend together your favorite tea with different herbs and spices. Check out the bulk bins at your supermarket.

Try one of these delicious combinations for your loved ones:

  • Green tea with dried citrus and lemongrass
  • Black tea with lavender, vanilla and rose petals
  • Caffeine-free rooibos tea with chamomile and lemon balm

Place in a canning jar or individual sachets, along with brewing instructions.

4. Freezer meals

Who wouldn’t love to come home to a favorite meal that’s ready to heat and eat? Batch-cook your favorite freezer-friendly dish using foil pans, and freeze until ready to gift. While delivery might take some coordination, this gift is one that’ll warm hearts and bellies long into the future.

Some of our seasonal favorites to freeze and reheat are hearty chili, veggie lasagna and creamy casseroles.

5. Share the bounty

Whether you canned tomatoes you grew yourself or turned a surplus of Holiday Grapes into Chia Jam, pantry staples and preserves make thoughtful gifts!

If you don’t have anything on hand, consider simple spice blends, fermented sauerkraut, quick pickles or homemade chocolate sauce. Maybe you make a killer salad dressing that your neighbor loves on Winter Kale and Arugula Salad — go ahead and make an extra batch for them. You could even share a homemade sugar or salt scrub, perfect for dry winter skin!

6. The gift of time

Gifts don’t have to cost a lot to be valuable. Oftentimes, time feels more scarce than money. For friends and family who could use your support more than a material gift, offer up your time. Take the kids for a night. Spend an afternoon with your great-aunt, taking her antiquing or to run errands. Help your sister clean out the garage. Teach your niece and nephew to change a tire.

These gifts can also lead to memories that last a lifetime!

7. Charitable giving

Giving back is the reason we give gifts, right? Consider donating money or time to a cause that aligns with the recipient’s values and passions. It’ll show them you care — and recognize what matters to them — while also helping those in need.

You could volunteer at a food pantry, help wrap presents at a gift drive or even walk dogs at an animal shelter.

8. Upcycled gift wrap and cards

No matter what you choose to share this year, consider making your own gift wrap and cards to go alongside your goodies. Think beyond wrapping paper, which isn’t always recyclable, and wrap presents in paper grocery bags (plain side out), fabric or even a homemade beeswax wrap. Use whatever art supplies you have on hand, from crayons to watercolors.