Marin Caratan, has become a local legend in Delano, CA, where he settled in 1919. His passion and dedication would turn into a lifelong pursuit for exceptional quality. In 1926, Caratan and his brother planted their first vines in the San Joaquin Valley, an ideal area for producing the finest quality grapes. Their farm soon became known as an inclusive and exceptional place to work.

With a respect for the original founders, Columbine® Vineyards continues to advance this legacy of dedication, hard work, and love. Through stewardship of soil, sustainable growing practices, and a unique breeding program that has brought Holiday® and Milano® varieties to stores, we’ve always looked to the future while honoring the past.

Like the first heritage vines planted by the original Caratan family, Columbine Vineyards continues to grow year over year, advancing a legacy of love that can be found in every bunch of our fresh California grapes.

How We Grow

Each year, grapes are carefully selected from vines at the peak of their maturity, skillfully hand-picked by growers seeking the sweetest and freshest grapes our vines can produce.

Harvest Process

From our vines to your table, growing grapes is a year-round harvesting cycle:

Sustainability in Practice

An industry leader with a regenerative mindset.

Darren Filkins

CEO of Farming Division at AC Foods

“Columbine® Vineyards puts a huge emphasis on soil health and sustainability in our growing practices. Ultimately we want to ensure the best quality berries.”

Monica Escoto

Director of Food Safety and Quality Assurance

“Harvesting beautiful, delicious grapes is such a special art, and each step requires a lot of training whether it’s the harvesting, picking, or packing.”

Rick Johnston

Executive VP of Sales & Marketing

“From developing this variety over 12 years, to all of the work in the fields, to the marketing we put behind it with retailers, it’s always exciting to see people enjoy Holiday® grapes every season.”