Chocolate Dipped Grapes with Holiday

Savor the snacking perfection of Holiday grapes with an extra-sweet, four-ingredient dessert.

Course: Dessert


32 Holiday® grapes (or another red seedless)

60 grams milk chocolate

1 digestive biscuit (or Graham crackers/Oreo crumbs)

1/4 cups sprinkles

8 wooden skewers


Make sure your grapes are patted dry.

Carefully place 4 grapes on each skewer.

On some baking paper, spread out your crushed digestive on one half and some sprinkles on the other half.

Grab a piece of aluminum foil and roll into a firm ball and place in a bowl. This can be used to stick the skewers in to dry.

Place the chocolate in a bowl over a saucepan simmering water and stir until melted.

Once melted, lightly spread over the grapes using a spatula or dip them.

Then, holding the stick of the skewer, roll them in the coatings.

Then stick them in the foil for the chocolate to set.

Once set, you can either eat as is, or for a yummy frozen treat, wrap them in some greaseproof paper and freeze.

Frozen grapes on their own are yummy, but covered in delicious milk chocolate, they are even better.

You can also do these with white or dark chocolate.

Recipe source:  Little Grazers