Frequently Asked Questions

Are Columbine® Vineyards grapes genetically modified?

No, Columbine Vineyards grapes are harvested sustainably without any genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Our integrated and preventative pest control program reduces the need for pesticides in our harvesting practices.



Where do Columbine Vineyards grapes grow?

For nearly 100 years, the San Joaquin Valley in California has been home to Columbine Vineyards, where grapes are hand-picked fresh season after season.

Where can I buy Columbine Vineyards grapes?

Between July and December, Columbine Vineyards delicious hand-picked grapes can be found throughout the United States at various retailers. The availability of each variety differs based on the season, their ripening schedule, and environmental variables.

Does Columbine Vineyards use pesticides?

Our grapes are harvested over a period of weeks, and depending on what is taking place with weather patterns and with insect hatchings during a given time frame within the entire harvest cycle determines what or if we might need to use something on the soil or the vines. No matter what the product is that is necessary to use depending on the weather and the harvest timing for each, all of these products used on the soil and/or the vine are fully approved by the USDA, the EPA and all governing bodies and within the safety limits for all. We only use as little as is necessary.

What's the best way to store grapes?

To maximize the freshness of grapes, always refrigerate for maximum shelf life.

Should grapes be washed before eating?

Store unwashed and dry; rinse before serving.

What are the health benefits of grapes?

There’s no shortage of healthy benefits that come from consuming grapes.

  • Heart health support with improvements in blood vessel function
  • Reduced inflammation and oxidative stress from polyphenols and antioxidants.
  • Healthy aging support, protection against metabolic brain decline, and improved memory performance.
  • Protection against high blood pressure and eye health deterioration.

For more information and studies about the health benefits of table grapes, please visit: California Table Grape Commission

What's the nutritional information and serving size of grapes?

A 3/4 cup serving of grapes contains just 90 calories. It has no sodium or cholesterol and virtually no fat, but it does contain potassium and fiber. For more information about fresh California grapes, please visit: California Table Grape Commission