Grapes, The Unsung Hero of Healthy Snacking

During a global pandemic, snacking definitely looks different. Many are navigating uncertainty while working from home, juggling daily responsibilities, and battling lockdown fever. Others support their communities on the frontline and need convenient, on-the-go healthy snacks to sustain their work. There’s no question that healthy, “in-between meals” have taken on new meaning and importance.

The ritual of a snack break is a welcome escape from the day. Snacks have the power to nourish body and soul, breaking up the monotony of endless Zoom calls and infusing joy into our most challenging of days. Knowing what to reach for is its own challenge. It’s no easy feat to find the perfect snack that satisfies cravings and banishes hunger while also delivering the nutrition you need. This is where grapes, the unsung hero of healthy snacking, come in.

Whether they’re on the counter or chilling in the fridge, grapes are always at your fingertips, and they check all of the boxes. These pops of perfection make for the best go-to snack anytime of day—here’s why.

Healthy Snacking

Grapes are the sweet snacks that love you back.

They boast an array of nutritional benefits, making them the ideal fruit to keep in the kitchen. According to studies, grapes are supportive in lowering blood pressure, improving heart function, and reducing inflammation. Talk about a triple threat! Known primarily for their heart-healthy antioxidant properties, grapes contain polyphenols that help protect healthy cell function. Their best-known nutrient is resveratrol, which is found in the skin of grapes, has a rep for relaxing blood vessels, and possesses anti-cancer properties.

The vibrant deep-red hue of Holiday® grapes, when they’re available every September to December, is the clue you’ve found a polyphenol-rich food.

Grapes will also get you a quarter of the way to your daily vitamin K and vitamin C goals. Vitamin K plays a role in bone and blood health, while vitamin C supports a healthy immune system. Do you struggle to stay hydrated during the workday? Reach for grapes! They’re 75%-85% water by weight, meaning every juicy bite helps quench your thirst! Few other snacks are as refreshing by nature—so keep a bunch on your desk for healthy nibbling between tasks and calls.

Natural Sweetness

When a craving hits and that sweet tooth can’t be ignored, you could reach for candy or a cookie. But while those treats could set you up for a crash later on, grapes won’t let you down. Offering a burst of fresh flavor (not to mention a vibrant pop of color on your countertop!) and easy for your body to digest as you gobble them up by the bunch, grapes deliver the sweetness you crave, then double-down on nutrition, too.

Columbine® Vineyards grapes, fresh every July through December, are super-sweet and extra-juicy, for a snack that’s as simple as it is tasty. Plus, whether you want something savory, sweet, or both, grapes fit the bill.

Consider, for instance, shaking up your yogurt or granola routine by swapping fresh grapes for your usual berries. You could also blend them into your favorite smoothie or juice for a refreshing afternoon pick-me-up. Or slice a handful of grapes and add them to chicken salad for a protein-packed post-workout snack.

Paleo Chicken Salad with Holiday® Grapes, by @_intuitivelivingwithlil

For the advanced grape snackers of the bunch, you already know that sweet, juicy grapes are the best for creating healthy sweet treats and desserts. Hello, White Chocolate Covered Grapes With Peanut and Chocolate Dipped Grapes.

Another reason to keep grapes on the grocery list? They’re one of the most convenient, easy-to-eat foods. There’s almost no prep work, whether you leave a bowl on the counter for all-day grazing or add a bunch to a carefully curated party platter for one.

And, these unsung snacking heroes harken back to “normal times,” when we’d split a cheese board with friends or share a snack with the kids at a soccer practice. Grapes remind us that food is what connects us—and of all those sweet memories we made (and will make again).